06 January 2008

The World's Biggest Wheel Barrow

Yes, Füssen: home of the Guinness Book of World Records largest wheel barrow.

Anyway, I took a walk back to Lechfall today. It's been raining on and off, so it was foggy. It added a nice touch to the shots. I also went inside Hohes Schloss. I was stunned by how great the art collection was. My jaw didn't leave the floor the whole time I was inside. Plus, I got some stellar shots of Füssen from the clock tower. I didn't know what I was going to do this afternoon, but then I found the path to the courtyard and ultimately to the door to the gallery. I'm very glad I went.

Also, now I know what they mean when they say it's "illusionist". All this time, I never realized that the turrets and other details are simply painted on. The building itself is generally featureless. It's the exquisite paint job that make the features seem 3-dimensional. Seriously, I had to walk right up to the wall to see if it was flat, and indeed it was.

I went crazy with the panoramic today. The only thing is, on one photo of Lechfall, the program edited it in such a way that it looks wider than it is. You'll see what I mean. (again, click to open for full effect)

Apparently, tomorrow is a holiday here in Bavaria. I really hope that doesn't put the answer regarding the apartment on hold for another day. Sure, the hotel is very cheap now that the tourists have left, but I don't want to be here anymore. I want to get settled already! I don't like living out of suitcases.

I'm going to post a lot of photos today, but I probably won't be online again until I get my own internet set up. Right now I'm doing the hotel "hot spot" thing, which costs around 20 USD for 24 hours.

Last night I went for a walk after the streets emptied. There is nothing like listening to my headphones and walking around town late at night. I feel like I'm experiencing my favorite albums again for the first time. And the vibe here is so laid back that I can even bust a move as I'm walking down the street and nobody would think anything of it (if anyone's around of course).

Enough of my jibber-jabber. On with the photos!! *thunder booms...lightning flashes*


Bridge over the Lech:

Looks like a bird you'd find at a pet shop, doesn't it?

Like I said, Austria is within walking distance:

Art from the palace: (names/artists can be seen for most if you look at link info)

Dig this dudes eyebrows. Reminds me of Mr. Potter from "It's A Wonderful Life":

Shit, even up close it looks like it's real, doesn't it? The wall...she's flat I tells ya!

Stadt Füssen from the tower:

Check out this room in the palace and the ceiling detail that follows:

The "guard" at the palace:

Forggensee from the top of the tower: