26 January 2012

Stockholm, Sweden Part Three

This was my final night in Stockholm and probably my favorite. Again, it's hard to capture a feeling on film or to explain it to someone else. All I know is that I'll never forget sitting on a bench downtown with the snow gently falling on me as I took in the scenery of a city I am certain to visit again. 
Please click on "older posts" below for parts one and two. 

Crazy subway station.

I nearly lost it when I came across this freakish buoy near the shore. I swear it looked like there was a cat walking on water. Bizarre. 

A bit more street art on Södermalm.

Someone needs to tell the good people of Sweden that Chicago-style buns have poppy seeds on them, not sesame seeds.

Stockholm, Sweden Part Two

I went to the island of Djurgården to visit Skansen, which is another tourist spot. It's the kind of place that kids go to on field trips, but I really enjoyed it. It's basically meant to represent Sweden in earlier times. There are also Scandinavian animals there which was another draw. It was quiet and snowy and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And for not seeing any sunshine the entire time, the color of the sky at dusk was breathtaking (as you can see above). No fancy camera tricks here. 

This adorable couple was feeding birds out of the palms of their hands.

Baby wolverines frolicking.

See them in action. Impossibly cute. 

And that was part two of three.