01 September 2009

Alpstrudelfall, Walderlebniszentrum & other random photos

Mountain range on night of Perseid shower (above)

Here are some random photos that I either neglected to add, or that didn't warrant an entire new post.

All is well and I expect to have some new adventures over the next few weeks, during my break from school. This week I have to bust ass to finish up so I can finally get some relief from all the homework. Naturally, I will have to practice during break, because all of the assignments make that impossible now. But I knew what I was signing up for, and I kind of enjoy it.

The Altstadt one drunken night:


Galgenbichl is where they used to hang people in the old days. There's a big hill surrounded by woods and meadows and it's right in the middle of town:

You can see a spiderweb if you look carefully:

Some people gathered in the courtyard of the Hohes Schloß for a tour:

The following photos were from a bike ride I took toward Hopfensee during a sun shower. It was probably the best ride I took all year simply because of the weather, the view, the vibe, the rainbow:

These were taken at the Walderlebniszentrum, which means roughly "forest enjoyment center":

I know this sounds crazy, but I have a recurring dream where I'm walking/running down a wood plank path just like this one. Spooky:

These are from a graffiti exhibit at the Kunsthallen am Lech, which is an old factory cum artists' residence and gallery:

A hike to Alpstrudelfall in Austria:

Random moon/castle shots from my balcony:

A very early sunrise (around 3:45am):

That's all for now. See you next week!

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