24 March 2008

Happy Easter!

Here are just a few photos. Like I said, the boys are restless in this small place, and they're not afraid to show me:

I've seen a couple of frogs around here, and they never move out of the way when they see me coming! I just hope that I don't step on one or roll over one on my bike. That would be devastating for both of us.
So get out of the way next time, jackson!

I took these on Easter Eve, but they aren't very clear unfortunately. Can I just tell you that this is like the 4th torchlight procession I've seen since I moved here? I better not piss these people off!

Not much going on. I just wanted to check in with everyone and say Happy Easter!

20 March 2008

Huhner Hose is much funnier than Chicken Pants

I'm official!

I just got my student visa today so now I'm officially a (temporary) resident of Germany. That means I can open a bank account, get internet, satellite TV and all that good stuff.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but things are pretty much the same as they have been, apart from that bit of news I just got. Plus, I'm tired of going to the internet cafe. It's often full of teenagers and the other day I caught a guy watching porn. Disgusting. Who watches porn at an internet cafe? EWW! Makes we wonder what a swab of the keys would turn up. What a horrible thought.
Also, there was a big storm since I "spoke" to you guys last, so that poo-pooed my hiking excursions and bike rides. There was a foot of snow on the ground for a week, hence I haven't taken any good pictures.
At least I finally received my textbooks. So I've been studying German and trying not to get discouraged by the difficulty of it. The software I subscribed to was much better I think, but I can't get a certificate from Rosetta Stone. I can, however, from the Goethe-Institut. It's just boring doing a textbook-based course after doing a nifty multi-media course that was, I feel, very effective.

Only 11 days until I move! I'm very excited about that. I feel like I'm not really "living" yet. I bought a really cool, almost new vintage couch, a small antique record cabinet and a bed so at least I have something to sit and sleep on when I move. It's a little suffocating being here. It's a one-room studio apartment so there's not much room to spread out.

So that's my deal. Sorry to be such a bore, but hopefully soon things will pick up again. After all, it's almost spring. The landscape is already beginning to change here. I can't wait to see the spring face of Füssen.