25 February 2009

A Visitor + Fasching

Above you will find an animal that hopefully never existed. It's a squirrel-type animal with fangs, webbed feet and horns. Interesting hobby.

Moving on...I'm just doing my thing. I had a visitor a couple of weeks ago: my cousin Alex. We did all the normal things you're supposed to do when you're in the area, like hiking to Alatsee & Kalvarienberg, visiting Neuschwanstein and all that jazz. It was a lot of fun! I already posted photos of all of that stuff before, so I won't bore you with more now. (just look at the archive on the right)

Also, Fasching just ended last week, which is the German equivalent of Carnival or Mardi Gras. There are a few photos of a party I went to below.

And last weekend I went to Augsburg & Landsberg am Lech with my friend Elaine. I will post those photos in a day or two.

Horses in Vils, Austria

A short video of the horses

My neighbor and friend, Miss Elli, dressed for Fasching. Isn't she purty?

The party at the former hemp factory, which is now used as a gallery. They often have shows there. This night there was a reggae band.

Blondi & I
They really did up the joint, going as far as bringing in a shitload of sand.


And another shot of Blondi, looking all hazy for some reason.

That's all for now, folks! More coming in a few days.