04 September 2007

Day Twelve: August 30th Nürnberg, Germany

And I thought we were nerds!...

OK, so I got stinkin' drunk last night. I puked all morning. Real nice. I had like 4 large beers over the course of a few hours, but then I drank a 1/3 of a bottle of wine by myself. That's what did it. But I feel much, much better now.

I plan to rent another car today and start driving back toward Frankfurt/Köln. I'm thinking I'll probably fly back home on Saturday afternoon.

I don't really want to bash anyone, so I'll just say that our "friend" in Nürnberg is no friend of mine. He was very nice the first night. Let me wash my clothes, gave me a bed to sleep in...
I know he's got a lot of stuff going on, so I never expected a guide or even a host. Just wanted a place to sleep is all, which we talked about a few days ago. But when I showed up, he acted like it was a complete surprise! He just told me a couple of days prior that Monday he'd be back from taking care of shit elsewhere and he'd make sure he'd be around for a couple of days.
Well, who knows what happened but he put me out after one night. Didn't even say "Sorry, but you can't stay here" or "something else came up" to my face. Instead, he acts vague, says he'll call me later, then texts me to say he'll "pass" on hanging out. What the fuck is that? "Pass on hanging out?!?!" You kidding me?
I dunno. How could I know when this "friend" won't tell me what the fuck he's mad about? The only thing I can think of is the fact that I smoked *ahem* on his balcony, but I TOLD him I was going to go downstairs to smoke, and instead he told me to smoke on the balcony. (because I would NEVER smoke in someone's place if they didn't smoke)
Or maybe he thought I had a pound of ganja in my backback or something. Whatever. I was in Amsterdam. I had a pinch left with me. Maybe it's because of my rental car fiasco (which I already apologized for several times) Who fucking knows?
But what can I say, and why exhaust myself with this shit when he doesn't even give me the courtesy of an explanation?
SERIOUSLY. What can you say to someone when they don't tell you what the fuck they're mad about? Or if they're even mad at you at all, or just fucked in the head themselves? I suspect the latter, personally.
Anyway, you reap what you sow: that's what I know.

All this time I thought you guys had him all wrong, but in fact I had him all wrong. It's a damn shame because I really did think he was a nice guy. It just sucks to have someone you think is a "friend" treat you like shit.
I'm equal parts angry and hurt about the whole thing.
But moving on...

I'm having a little rest in the park now. I wanted to leave here by now but I'm waiting for a deposit into my account. Hopefully I can start driving back up toward Köln tonight. There's a campsite along the way I can stay at really cheap so that's nice. I only hope I don't sleep on the street tonight! I've got less than 1€ on me. But somehow I know I'll be ok, thanks to my good friends back home.
Let me tell ya, my vacation has been no holiday for them! I decided I'm going to have everyone over for a nice big dinner when I get back. I just gotta.