12 June 2008

Mysteries of the Alatsee

I love stuff like this. I learned a lot of fascinating facts about the Alatsee, which I posted photos of before.

It all began when I read that it was 35 meters deep (114 feet!). So I asked a neighbor of mine about it and she said that not only is it deep, but it's known as the "Blood Lake" because of some sort of bacteria that grows in it.
I did some research on the internet and talked to a few other locals about it and I found out that there's a layer of purple bacteria in the lake, around 15 meters down (not sure what it's called). This lake has the highest concentration on earth, and it's the reason for the "bloody" moniker. Above that layer, there are a lot of fish and plants and life in general, but below that layer there is zero oxygen.
There's also a high concentration of sulfur, the origin of which is unknown, and both the bacteria and the sulfur combine to create what should be a completely uninhabitable habitat, but there are some unusual life forms that survive. (don't know many details about that yet)
The most interesting thing I read, is that deep down there is a labyrinth of caves which are reputed to be the gates of hell. Yes, that's right. Pretty crazy stuff.

There's also a story about some cursed monk and a starved abbot, as well as a rumor that some of Hitler's gold is sunk there. Another thing I read and heard about is the fact that they used to do testing there during the war, and the area was off-limits in 1942. And to top all that off, several people have died there, some while diving, and some under mysterious circumstances. Fascinating stuff.

Not much else going on. No new photos to post. It's been raining for more than a week on and off, but more on than off so I haven't been out much. But I've got a list of things I still haven't seen yet, and with my birthday coming up, I think I may do some of them to take my mind off of the fact that I'll be all alone. To add insult in injury, my birthday is on a Saturday night and the only place I like to hang out at will be closed because the owner is going to see Uriah Heep. Humbug.

Oh well, as my friend Joe said when he was here, "Well, you chose to move here!"
He's right.


Tristan said...

God! That's so weird. I've been to that lake many times and I've never heard that. It looks so innocent from the shore.

Sonja aka Betty Tyranny said...

It does, doesn't it? I only wish I could find more information on it in English.