25 July 2008


I went for a ride to Weißensee today. I was there once before in early spring on a really ugly day. I always thought it was especially beautiful because of the pebbly bottom and the crystal clear water. Today it was even more beautiful than I remembered it. I was upset that I didn't bring my swimsuit because there was nobody around and the water was so inviting, so I took my shoes off and walked around a bit. The pebbles at the bottom really hurt to walk on so I wasn't there long. Then I rode around the lake until I got to a point where I couldn't bring the bike anymore. I came across a waterfall, which was pretty cool.

I went back around and by then I was a little hot from riding and walking. I really wanted to swim! Then it occurred to me that the underwear I was wearing was dark blue, so I decided that nobody would know the difference and I took off my shorts and went for a swim. I figure it wouldn't matter since people often swim here nude anyway. And I must say, it was liberating. And just look at how clean the water is. It was like heaven. Swimming there was so much better than Schwansee, as lovely as that is. I found a new favorite spot!


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Linda said...

I'm soooo jealous!!! HOW BEAUTIFUL!!! I must come visit you!!!!