12 December 2008

Let It Snow

We've finally been getting snowfall worthy of the Alps. Last Friday I was walking to the bar and the snow was falling so heavily that I felt I'd soon be covered by it, unable to move. The flakes were huge! But it was beautiful. I only took two photos because it was pretty wet out. The next morning the town was encrusted in snow. What a beautiful sight. It's been snowing on and off all week. If it continues to snow today, I'll try to get more photos. The one below is of the Franziskaner Church.
I'm planning on buying a sled very soon. Maybe it will be my Christmas gift to myself. There's a great hill in the north of town that's almost totally free of trees. I can't wait to go there. Also, the locals have been telling me about a few places in the mountains. Apparently, a favorite pasttime of the folks here is to go up to these old hunting huts (which are now restaurants, of course), drink some Jägertee, and sled down. Although, I've been warned about how dangerous it can be because there's a spot near one of them where you can basically fly right off the mountain if you're not careful. I think I'll try to get some friends to go with me.

There are a lot of small cultural, social, and day-to-day differences I notice here. I've been making note of some of them when I remember to, so I think I'll start posting some from time to time. One strange thing is that whenever I pack my cigarettes here, I get strange looks. That's because the German way to pack cigarettes is one at a time. How very inefficient. How unlike them.
They show really gristly stuff on television. The news can be a horrorshow. Especially when they show accidents, because it seems that the accidents here are always really bad. You can hardly recognize the car after a collision on the autobahn.
Another thing is that sink drains are so small. My kitchen sink drain is the same size as my bathtub drain. Not a fan of the small drains.

That's all for now. I'll try to post more photos soon!

(sorry it's a little blurry)