15 February 2008


Not much going on, just hanging around. I plan to go on another road trip in a week or two after I fulfill some other financial commitments first. I'm thinking Prague, or maybe Salzburg & Berchtesgaden. Shit, maybe even all three! We'll see. I have some down time until I can start school, and my driver's license will be expired from June until December (when I go back home to visit) so I won't be able to drive anywhere during that period. I may as well take advantage now.
I took some photos the other day. They're doing something by the river, and as a result, it's really low right now. They must've dammed it upstream so they could do some construction.


It looks like another week before I'll be able to get on the internet here in the flat. I need to get a bank account first, which means I need to get my student visa sorted out. Therefore, I have to go to Marktoberdorf Monday, which is a town about 30km north of here to apply. Hopefully I can get it there instead of sending my passport back to the states, which is what I thought I would have to do originally. Once I get my passport stamped, I'll be able to get my new phone number, internet...all of that. I can't wait to be back in touch with everyone on a regular basis!