04 September 2007

Day Eleven: August 29th Nürnberg, Germany

Even though this trip has been more of an experience than I could've hoped for, it doesn't seem to be flying by. I think the reason why is because I've had so many little difficulties along the way. And if so, it's worth it in my eyes.

Today is my "jaded" day. Yeah, yeah...Germany. I know this place...
Ha ha...no, not really. The castle here is fucking awesome and really immense. Walking around in this town has been harder than most because some of the streets are really steep. However, it really is beautiful. I know, I sound like a broken record by now.

But can you believe I had to pay to use the bathroom at the train station? What kind of shit is that!?!? And I'm a little...blech. I dunno. The weather sucks. And some other stuff sucks, too. But I'll get over it. I can't let shit get me down. Especially not now when I'm having the trip of a lifetime.

I must say, I'm glad that I ended up spending so much time here in Germany. I think I've learned a lot from this trip. Next time I'm going to rent a car again so I can drive real fast and park wherever the hell I want. Also, I will choose one central country to focus on and branch off from there, like I did here. Because being in Germany for so many days, I really feel like I got the true flavor of it. At least the parts I've seen. And not that there's SO MUCH I haven't seen. But I think you guys know what I mean.
Oh, and like I said before...the food here is GREAT! Tonight I had a dish called..."hauspfannle" It was a skillet of small sausages, potatoes. broccoli, pork medallions, bacon and herb butter. I mean...come on! That's like a heart attack in a pan and I love that!

And the beer has been outstanding everywhere. Even the "cheap stuff" I drank with Michael in Karlsruhe was good. You guys know me...I'm a wine drinker mostly. But being here I've been drinking strictly beer. Unless I'm in a hotel room because it's hard to find cold beer in this country! It's almost like a sick joke! If only our German friends could see the fields of refrigerated cases that line every store. And if only my American friends could see the cigarette machines that line the streets. Odd.

OK, gotta walk back down to town to get a beer. (I'm by the castle) I will continue then. Hopefully with some coherence. ;)


I'm back. Sitting in the same plaza I was in last night when I first arrived. Except I was one of a dozen people here last night. Today it's buzzing. Freakin' tourists.
I'm not surprised, though, because this town is beautiful. It's clear that a lot of the tourists here are German so it's obviously a hot spot.