25 January 2008

Smoked Chopsticks

Weekends are a drag. The only time I feel really alone here is during the weekends. Not only because there's not much to do because everything closes early, but because everyone else seems to move in packs.

I went for my evening walk, which is usually through sparsely populated streets. Growing up in Chicago, that's a novel concept to me and I love it.
Tonight there were hoards of people. Shit, there was even a parade. And it was really cool. I very much enjoyed watching it. But what detracted from it was a mild feeling of rejection, which I know is silly. But I don't know if this town likes me yet, so I really don't wanna give it my heart. Like a schoolgirl crush without reciprocation. The point is, until I get a place, I just feel like another tourist. It's starting to suck.

I went to the town museum today, which is in the former monastery St. Mang. More fabulous baroque and rococo architecture, a huge exhibit about the instrument-making history of the town (which Füssen is known around the world for), tons of artifacts, etc. It was interesting, but since it was in German, I got the most enjoyment from the eye-candy of the structure.

I can't wait to start taking proper German lessons. Sure, my vocabulary is growing at a rapid pace, however, I don't know how to say or use many of the words I'm learning, so it's frustrating.

I bought a pack of incense, and when I translated the word on the package, "Räucherstäbchen", I found out that it literally means "smoked chopsticks". What the...?

Just a few of the pics from the museum (more to come later):