13 January 2008

Füssen: Population 14,000

Hello friends,

It's day sixteen here. Still having zero (or null) regrets about moving here, even though technically I don't feel like I've moved yet because I still don't have an address! ARGH!

I decided to call my agent first thing tomorrow morning and find out what the deal is. The fucking owner of the building seems like a real alarmist if he's taking a week to check me out.

Alarmists: have I told you guys how irritating I find them? Certainly, it pays to plan shit out, but looking at every situation with the "worst case scenario" perspective is really tiresome to me. How can you possibly live your life if you constantly contemplate the worst case scenario?
Wimps. Always cryin' about somethin'. Something that will probably never happen! But I shouldn't be irritated by them. I should pity them, because it's a pitiful way to live.

Although I do find the show "MEGADISASTERS" entertaining. Go figure.

*thinks to self* Hooo-wee...ain't he a tall drink o' water? *shakes head*

Sorry, I'm in a cafe. Like I said, there are a ton of good-looking men here! Actually, I had a brief encounter with this guy who reminded me of a Mexican John Cusack. Or...Juan Cusack as a couple of my friends quipped. By "encounter" I mean an innocent make-out session. (He made the first move, of course. I'm old-fashioned.) You guys know me enough by now to know that I don't give it up so easy. He was only 26 and I can't remember his name, but isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

He checked into the B&B I'm at with his roommate and his roommates mother. Apparently, his roommate had a bad case of pleurisy and his doctor advised him to come to Füssen to recover. (I find more reasons to like this place every day...)
I had pleurisy years ago. It ain't no kind of fun.

Billy showed up with my trunk full of clothes yesterday. Hooray! I'm so tired of wearing the same couple of outfits...washing them...then wearing them again. I was angry, as some of you know. REALLY angry, but I said my peace, he said his and we moved on. Life is too short to carry grudges. Besides, he made good and brought me my clothes, and bought me three meals and some internet time.

The photo at the top is from Hohes Schloss the other night when it was foggy. One of my favorite shots!

Going back to the subject of the apartment, I'm still waiting on a reply from the owner. If he doesn't have an answer for me Monday morning, I'm going to run an ad myself and find a place. I'm tired of waiting. And as I said to Billy today, "...my money is as green...red, blue as anyone's!" so what is the holdup? I'm not a criminal! Sheesh!

I found the spot to buy cigarettes after hours here. There's always one guy in the place leaning back on a lounge chair watching television. I don't know if it's a gambling spot or what the deal is. I bought a pack tonight and I thought the machine shorted me my change. Then I looked, at there was 50 euro cent sealed inside the cellophane of the pack. Whaaa? How unusual.
I'm also starting to recognize the townspeople. I've seen at least 6 people several times in different areas. A small town, indeed.

St. Mang...again:

I saw this guy walking down the street today. They seriously wear these outfits here in Bayern (aka Bavaria):
Your's truly in front of Hohes Schloss last night:

The ceiling in the Knight's Hall at Hohes Schloss:

Some sort of large-scale wooden instrument or maze near Bad Faulenbach. The wood hangs loosely from a grid. You could probably walk through it, but banging the dangling pieces together wasn't too musical, so maybe NOT an instrument on second thought: