22 August 2011

Brixen/Bressanone, Italy: South Tyrol/Südtirol Part 2

Not much to say since I didn't stay in Brixen (Italian name: Bressanone) for long. I basically took these photos and proceeded home. And this wraps up my photos from summer vacation 2011.

04 August 2011

Bruneck, South Tyrol Part One

Also known as Brunico, Italy. That's right, this small town has two names and at least one person I know who lives there refers to himself as "Südtirolean"--not Italian, for what it's worth. People in the region speak mainly German and the cuisine, I'm happy to report, is a delightful mixture of both Austrian and Italian influences so everything tasted good. And I made some great friends there! I had so much fun that I went back again a second time and met even more cool people. But those photos will follow. For now, here's trip one.

A procession in the morning:

There were a lot of cool façades on the buildings in the old town. Even the modern ones were pretty unique and reminded me of ones I'd seen in Konstanz.

Illustrating the resistance by some to claim to be part of Italy:

Pragersee/Lago di Braies:

Laura and Jakob having a moment:

A wonderful lunch in Jakob's parents' garden: