28 December 2007

Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau

We visited a couple of King Ludwig II's castles today. Here are some photos of the drive there, the castles and the lake nearby:

The down-filled, fur-lined winter coat in men's...

...and women's...

*cough* DORKS! *cough*

27 December 2007

I finally arrived!

I finally made it to Deutschland! Here are a couple of photos from the flight from Frankfurt to Munich:

Here are a few from Munich. We were only there for a day so we (we=my brother Marino and I) didn't get to see much at all. That'll have to be another trip...
The Frauenkirche in Munich:

Marino next to the Lech River in Füssen:

Hohes Schloss in Füssen: