29 January 2009

Wild Elk & Salober Alm

Again, not much to say. Things are going along, I'm doing well in school and I'm pretty freakin' bored. The weather hasn't been great, at least not great enough to make me want to ride my bike or hike. There have been some really cold days, some rainy days, but only a few snowy days and the snow hasn't been lasting. But I'm in good spirits. Just watching a lot of downloaded TV shows and studying. I did manage to get out a couple of times this month. I went to see a wild elk feeding with my neighbor and a hiked up to a Austrian hunting lodge with my friend, so no complaints. Here are some photos, starting with the elk feeding.

This photo and the one above are from a late night/early morning walk home after a good snow:

Apparently this has been going on for years. Every day at 3 o'clock a couple hundred wild elk gather at this spot to eat. Slowly, but surely:

This is Salober Alm, which is a hunter lodge comma restaurant on the Austrian border. I don't know why I didn't take a photo from the top. The view was amazing. Just another reason to go back:

My friend Elaine:

Tracks in the flaky snow:

A frozen waterfall near Vils, Austria and the Burg Vilsegg ruins:

We came across this cute little shack on a stream. Note the old-fashioned sleighs hanging on the side. So quaint:

This is a photo taken from my sofa. I really love the way the mountains, sunset and reflections mingle together (the photo below this one is an unobstructed view of the same mountain range with the moon and Venus visible):

And that's all she wrote for now!

02 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Not much to say, but I have a lot of new photos. Descriptions follow. There are a few very short videos as well. Enjoy!

Fireworks by the Lech bridge:

A short video by the bridge:

My friend Blondi & I (albeit a bit blurry):

The walk home New Year's morning:

That's my building in the distance (my balcony has the blue lights on it)

I was stunned when I saw the castle last night. Really beautiful-no?

Every year these guys jump into the freezing cold Lech river to bring in the new year. I was there to watch.

A short video of the event: