25 May 2009

Bike Trip to Eisenberg

I just took a 20 km bike trip to Eisenberg and back through Hopfen am See. I refuse to accept the fact that it's so much harder to ride north away from the mountains than it is down into Austria. I guess it's because it's the foothills of the Alps. All up and down and up and down again and again. I'm exhausted and I only biked for three hours, compared to the seven hours (42 km) I biked last weekend. It doesn't help that most of the ride is in direct sunlight and it's more than 80 degrees outside today. Every time I ride to Eisenberg, I end up turning around because I'm too tired to climb up to the ruins. Maybe next time I'll take the train to Eisenberg and then bike a little further; after climbing to the ruins of course.
I did see the mansion in Hopferau, though. I stopped there to eat my lunch. It's nice: another big, old, fancy house.

Not much else going on right now, but one of my best friends is coming to visit for a week, so things will pick up soon. I can't wait to show someone else how great this place is. I have a list of about ten things we need to do when he's here. I'm thrilled!

There aren't too many photos today, since I've done this trip before.

Schloß Hopferau

Me & my bike

...'til next time-tschüß!

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