21 May 2010

Swiss Road Trip: Day 2-Zürich (China Garden)

My grandmother's flight was delayed nearly two hours so I had time to see the Chinese garden, which I wanted to see the day before, but it was too cloudy outside to be worth the extra effort to get there.

That was my Swiss road trip! Please click on "older posts" to see the whole series of photos.

19 May 2010

Swiss Road Trip: Day 2-Zürich (Altstadt)

Zürich is a great city. It was different than I expected. I know it's a very wealthy city but it's not as flashy as I thought it would be. It felt very down-to-earth. My host, Serge, was awesome! I felt totally at home there. We cooked some great food, drank some great coffee and listened to some great music. It was an excellent time and I'll definitely be stopping back during my travels. Now for the photos…

A view of the lake before the sun came out

Very clever benches. You can flip them depending on which view you want.


There were a lot of antique book stores in town. I love the artwork in these books.

Means "too rich" in German. A play on the spelling of the city's name, of course.

The room I stayed in at Serge's place (his living room)

On his balcony
Swiss Francs have got to be the best-looking currency around

Tee hee

All in all, a lovely stay! More photos ahead.