07 July 2011

Cres revisited

I visited my aunt and uncle in Cres (on the island of Cres, naturally) again but stayed for a couple of days this time. I think I'd like to stay even longer next time. My cousins are visiting next week and I would've really loved to be there at the same time as them, but they chose a lousy time to go--the high season. It was crowded when I was there before high season even started. Anyway, I spent my days laying near the beach, drinking beer, catching some rays, and longing for someone else to be there to share the beauty with me. That was the only thing missing. I took a long stroll down the coast the first day to find the optimal spot to swim. Unfortunately, the nude beach was not it. But don't worry, you won't see any nude folks here. It would've been rude to photograph them. Plus, the people who choose to go nude usually should not. Now for the photos.
I sure look happy! There was a procession going on because it was a holiday. I could hear the singing from the watchtower as the sun set. Some guy walking past my aunt and uncle's place with some sheep.

Departing Cres on the bus.

From the ferry.

This is such a freaky picture I can barely look at it (people who know me well know why I say that), but the colors are so beautiful and I love the lines of the photo.

Back on the mainland on another bus heading to Opatija.

Arriving in the Dolomites was a bit depressing the first night--until I got to my host's place!

06 July 2011

Mošćenička Draga and Opatija, Croatia revisited

I arrived in Opatija (near Rijeka, referred to as the "Croatian Riviera") after I left Verona. I was greeted by my wonderful friends Kika and Amor. The rest was everything a vacation should be. Dining, drinking, smoking, and laughing with good friends. Sharing stories and watching bad music videos, hanging out on the beach and tending to sunburn the days following. I can't say enough about how much I love these folks. I can't wait to go back! I prepared carnitas for them and they loved it. I've been trying to get them to visit me, but as beautiful as Füssen is, we don't have the sea. In other words, I completely understand. On to the photos.

A look outside of the windows of my friends' place.

The seas were a little rough the first day I arrived, but the result was crystal-clear weather the next day so I can't complain.

A surfing doggie.

A new art installation near the seaside.

Kika at the fish market.

Mošćenička Draga

My friends Amor & Kika.

A walk along the promenade toward Lovran.

The dog beach.

A tasty seaside treat I learned about from my friends. The flavor is similar to celery.