19 December 2010

Schloß Fernsteinsee, Schloß Linderhof & Kenzenhütte

Here are some photos that I neglected to post from a hike I took with my friends Bea & Liesbeth, and a short drive I took down into Austria. I've already been to Linderhof and Kenzenhütte so I won't bore you with a lot of text. Just enjoy the photos!

Waterfall by Kenzenhütte

Hello Bea!


Even the reservoirs are beautiful here


Bea taking a Kneipp cure

On some road in Austria

Imst, Austria
Fernsteinsee, Austria

Schloß Fernsteinsee, Austria

The green machine at Plansee, Austria

The Moorish Kiosk at Schloß Linderhof

15 November 2010


From a hike in Ammerschlucht gorge today including a lot of close up shots of stuff in the forest.

Near Bärenfalle (from a hike a few weeks ago)

From my balcony a few nights ago

26 September 2010

Tannheim Valley, Austria Almabtrieb/Viehscheid

My friends Kai & Frogger were in town from the states and we headed down to Austria for the Almabtrieb along with my friend Julia. An Almabtrib or Viehscheid is the ceremonial driving down of cattle from the mountain pastures into the valley in autumn. It's also the time when the cows dress like they do on butter wrappers.

Julia & I

Frogger & Kai