27 July 2009

Visitors from Leipzig and a bike ride to Musau, Austria

Yesterday, after my guests left I decided to take a bike ride to take my mind off of the fact that they were gone. Plus, it was a beautiful day and it would've been a shame to let it go to waste. I rode down to Musau, which is about 12 km from my apartment, or about a 45 minute bike ride. I was planning to climb up to the Frauensee (translated: Women's Lake) but the trail was a bit overgrown and I had shorts on. I didn't want to come home with ticks, so I'll go up next time.

Setting off in the Tirol:

Check out this little stream. It reminded me of an aquarium with all the stuff growing in it:

I found a bunch of wild raspberry bushes on the trail to the lake. Very tasty, but I limited consumption just in case:

Strange how the peak in the center is so different than the others. Smooth, with no trees or rocks and it looks like it's covered with grass. (click to see what I mean):

Friends from Leipzig on my balcony: