04 September 2008

Bike Ride to Reutte (Austria)

Sunday I went for a nice long bike ride to Austria, which is very closeby. My destination was Reutte, which is about 13 kilometers away (8 miles). I recently found out that I can ride pretty far into Austria without worrying about steep inclines because there's a big valley that stretches down quite a ways. There was only one hill I had to walk up. It was really nice. The Lech breaks up into streams at parts, and is very clean and clear, much like it is here in Füssen. It took me about 4 hours round trip which is the longest distance I've ever rode my bike. I went a little farther than Reutte, so I probably rode about 10 miles each way. Then I stopped near the bridge pictured below and waded in the water for awhile because it was much too cold to swim in. A very nice adventure. Next time I think I'll go a little farther south since I can always take the bus back if I get too tired.

Here's a map so you can get an idea of the path I took: