31 May 2008


I needed to get out and get some exercise today. I've been working a lot, so I've been really productive. But I can feel the sausages starting to collect around my waist. So I decided to go up to the Kalvarienberg, which is the stations of the cross. Many towns have such things. In fact, there's even one...one? above the town that my father grew up in.
Basically, there are small chapels on the way up to the top of this large hill. Each chapel has a painting in it of each station of the cross. Then you get to the top of the hill and of course, there are the crucifixes.

The view from up there blew me away. Easily the most rewarding hike I've taken in awhile, as you can see for yourself:

Inside of the chapel at the top of the hill:

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Anonymous said...

What agreat view! I think if I knew I would see such a view I would do the stations of the cross. I love living through your eyes in Germany!

Love Tanja